Andrew Ringwald

Portland, OR

Andrew Ringwald

Portland, OR

Like those who inspire me, I am still a Seeker. My core interest lies in assisting people with making Authentic Decisions so they may achieve their own greatness!

My "WHY" -

Live and communicate from an Authentic core.

The way I accomplish this is through understanding and communicating the reasons WHY I make core decisions that matter in my life.

By defining WHY, it allows us all to more clearly and effectively make choices in accordance with our values. This way, when we do act from an authentic core of values, we attract those who believe what we believe and who share our reasons WHY.

How can I help others make Authentic Decisions that Matter?

Through my own Actions:

First by Communicating my own core WHY as clearly as possible with as many people as possible. (understanding that the WHY changes with you as you grow)

Also by Connecting like minded people with similar values to help each other make Authentic decisions.

Teaching and supporting others to help them believe their own ideas and desires are important.

Working to help people with authentic decision making and move their lives forward in ways that push the limits of what they thought was possible.

I want to be involved with finding or building a system of questioning and listening methods. The goal being to create relationships. Between those who want assistance, and those who can help them to make core Authentic Decisions.

I work to live in a manner that is centered on assisting others to personally understand their own core WHY.

My hope is that through this process I will find personal fulfillment and a sense of accomplishing something which adds value to the world.

Are you searching for how you can find your core values?

Can you give me guidance on my search for the WHY? Please tell me!!

(Updated sometimes) :-)

  • Work
    • OCSC Sailing
  • Education
    • CSU Chico, BS. Recreation Admin. Resort and Lodging Mngmt.