Dwi Arini Hafrizal

Semarang, Central Java

Dwi Arini Hafrizal

Semarang, Central Java


My name is Dwi Arini, but I always add my father's name at the end of my name, so it will be Dwi Arini Hafrizal, same like my sign now,, :)

now, I'm 23 years old, born in Bangko, January 15th, 1992. it's nice city and I grew up there almost till I'm in elementary school at 3 grades and I shifted with my family go to Muara Bulian, Jambi, and then grew up there till I have graduated from Senior High School 1 Batang Hari Jambi.

after that, I started to found my life at Semarang, Central Java, started my college at Diponegoro University, The most memories college that I've ever been. Geodesy Engineering Major. the new things that i've never knew it before. and now I love that Major. So many memories there. friendship, relationship all was combined there. it will never be forget in my mind. I through that almost 4 years. and got graduated from there. Thank you so much for UNDIP that you can made me became new person that can look everything in everyangles. Thank you for all my friends that we ever meet before in Semarang, you make me so understand what is friendship for. Thank you for all my lectures also for all people and all things that you ever been meet me before.

after graduated, I'm in at Mining Company now, have work with many people from another country, so many experiences here, i can learn anything bout mining, what is personality exactly, how to manage conflict here, and so many things. and thank you very much to my lovely one, always understand me till now, u will always be in my heart :*.

Ok. Now I leave mining company and continue my experiences to be a lecture. Suddenly I remember, what is my dream when I was a child, its to be a teacher 😃. Now that dream came true..but God gave me a better answer..its to be a lecture..Thanks god.. So many luck that u gave to me 😍But to be a lecture is not simple job, its a big responsibility there! Ya its make someones better than you. And make them to be a success one. I know that my education still have not good enough , so I will continue my study..and I hope, I can study abroad, so I can make my other dream come true..it's make my students to be a success person in their life.

Travelling and singing are my favourite hobbies :)

my life will always be continue...

not end in here, let it go, lets see,,and hope it will be nice tomorrow...

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