Arinson Marquez

Student in Cartagena, Colombia

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Hi!! I am from Colombia, Cartagena. this is my website. My mother's name is Yodalis and my father's name is Arinson. I have one brother and two step brothers. I am a enginering student.

In my free times I like listening to music, playing soccer, go to the gym, and go out with my family and my friends. I love the Math and Science. I love talk and laugh with my Friends, me too. I consider that this moments are most valuable in the life.


I think that I am a very sociable and friendly person, but sometimes I am a few shy. My best friend’s name is Thainy. We met in high school when I was 15 years olds. We are a good friends, always we share time togetter. She is a wonderfull person and she is better than me in all things. I think that’s why we are friends. I am taller than her but she is more intelligent than me. I love talk with her.

We always try a keep in contact. She advises me and I like that. I don’t know what I do without her, we complement each other and that makes our friendship is interesting and wonderful.