Student in Texas


Student in Texas

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💖Japh/Beth | any pronouns💖

Hi ☀️ My name's Beth but some friends call me Japh or Japhne too! (If you know me irl please respect me and not say my full name online to ANYONE without permission!)


@ficklecactus (art account)

@lowkeyironman (spam/vent/rant)

@princessdeiji (edits)

@hamilhead (Hamilton)

(^^^^ I don't expect you to follow all of these so don't worry lol)

I'm a girl BUT atm I'm going by any pronouns like he/him and they/them, she/her is what I recommend but I won't correct you if you call me a boy ^^ 💕 (This is temporary for the time being bc I want to know how I feel about being called this)

I am a bit of an amateur artist and I'm kinda iffy on how I feel about my own art so I apologize if I respond pessimistically to a compliment.😅 But if you take aggression on how /I/ feel then I'm going to have to block you. Sorry!

On my account I respect opinions and personal beliefs even if we disagree but if you can't then please do not even bother. .

ALSO: whitewashing characters/Ocs are not tolerated with me. 😣

I'm also a bit nerdy/geeky and things I love the most talking about are Game Grumps, Hamilton and The Avengers! If you have those interests them please don't hesitate to talk to me 🐶💓

*Skip to the "‼️" if u don't do kin

Last important thing is that I do infact have kins. Unlike most people, though, I don't mind sharing kins./tags I mean, if a person/character can relate to me then someone else in this world can too right? Anyway here's my list:

👑Top Kins👑

-(Game Grumps)Egoraptor: I just really really relate so much to him. It's a God given fact fam.

-(Avengers/Marvel) Tony Stark: hence my spam acc username. Just like Arin, my personality matches him, I also look kinda like the new Invincible Iron Man (the poc cutie with the fro😩👌). Coincide? lmao no.


-Princess Daisy (Super Mario franchise)

-Silver he hedgehog (Sonic the hedgehog franchise)

-Karamatsu (Osomatsu-San)

-Sans (I shouldn't really mention this one but I'm just lazy and like puns please don't affiliate me with. . . Fangirls.)

-Yellow (Pokemon Special)

-Burr,Lafayette,Jefferson, & Mulligan (Hamilton)

‼️That's about it! If you honestly read all this I'm so thankful bc I prolly wrote too much.

Anyway, for proof, Dm a pic of one of my Kins or a dog of any breed with a blue emoji. Thank you again! <3