Aris Pavlidis

Athens, Greece


Iam specialized at LocationRecording,working mainly as a Freelancer for Films, Documentaries and TV Showsusing my own equipment. My primaryinterestis in Documentary Projects, as it fits best in my personalcharacteristics.


I alsowork as a sound designer and sound editor for several projects aswell as as a live sound engineer in theatre and music performances.

Thelast few years, I am getting into the field of film making,specialized on video editing and direction.

Experience–Selected Projects

ProductionSound Mixer


“The Bird Cage” – Lindsay K Aliksanyan & Manos Cizek (USA) | July 2015

Untitled Political Documentary about a leftish young leader – Francine Pelletier & Carlos Ferrand (Canada) | June 2015

Untitled Social Documentary about fear and hope in Greece – Andrea Segre & Luca Bigazzi (La Grande Bellezza) (Italy) | Jenuary 2014

TVShows – Commercials

“Ανάδειξέ το” - TV Show | SBC TV Channel, 2014-2015

“Εεεεε” - TV Show | MEGA Channel, May 2014

“Joy” - TV Show | SKAI Channel, October 2014

FullLength Films

“Ευτυχία” - Christos Pytharas | October 2013 to November 2014

“Το Κελί” - Antonis Konstantoudakis | March 2014


“Χειμαιρία Νάρκη” - Alex Koukias Pantelis | June 2015

“Σκιές του Κόσμου” - Marios Papageorgiou | April 2015

“The Hut” - Giorgos Aslanidis | May 2015

“Elf Kid” - Antonis Katsoris | December 2014

PostProduction Sound

“Noir 14” - Alexandra Skartsila | Sound Design, Sound Mixing | Short Film Elected at Athens International Film Festival “Νύχτες Πρεμιέρας”, June 2014

“M0ve On” - Konstantinos Fragoulis | Sound Design | Short Film, March 2011


“ΜΥΓΕΣ”, Short Film 2015 | Writter, Director

“The Soundtrack of Life”,Short Documentary 2014| Director, Post Production Supervisor

“Proud in Athens”, Short Documentary 2014

  • Education
    • Edinburgh University
    • Athens Technical College