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Aristeidis Paraskakis


Comrades care little for forms. They argue openly, confident in the knowledge that they cannot inflict wounds on each other. Where communication is genuinely sought, misunderstandings are no crime. But if you accost me armed to the teeth, understanding agreement only in terms of a victory for you, then you will get nothing out of me but an evasive pose, and a formal silence intended to indicate that the discussion is closed. For interchange on the basis of contending roles is useless a priori. Only the enemy wants to fight on the terrain of roles, according to the rules of the spectacle. It is hard enough keeping one's phantoms at arm's length: who needs 'friendships' which put us back on the same footing? ✡Fighter for Zion✡ - A Paraskakis always pays his debts -

  • Work
    • WG Jerusalem
  • Education
    • 4ο Γενικό Λύκειο Χανίων
    • University of Macedonia