Aris Sierra

At home, they call me Ris. At work, I am Airs, TL Airs, TL. At cafes and diners, i am Shen. But my close friends call me pssst, hoy and other names.

Though I know myself better than anyone does, 'tis still hard for me to describe myself. Well, lemme try though.

I easily get attracted, but never distracted. Almost impossible to let go completely, i am hesitant to fall right away.

I have lots of friends, but dont belong to any barkada/group/circle/peers.

I drink but rarely smoke.

I eat a lot. I love to eat, but do not ever gain much weight from it. Ice cream is the only sweet stuff that I cannot resist.

I prefer cool, rainy days than draining, hot summertime. Sweat knocks me down.

I cut my hair and style it myself.

What else?

I am a typical Gemini.
Elusive, complex and contradictory
Thrives with change
Emotional yet can be obscurely sentimental
Loves to talk
Listens well
Full of positive energy
Enjoys mental activities
Almost always restless
Trapped in my own childhood
Just like Peter Pan, happy thoughts make me fly.