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ArittraCares is a patient-centric web-based application that aims at connecting patients and doctors. It was conceptualized after observing some gaps in the healthcare sector.

Most patients today find it difficult and cumbersome to keep their medical records organized and readily accessible in times of medical emergencies. It is not uncommon for patients to repeat diagnostic tests simply because they have not been able to trace their old still-relevant reports. Additionally, with the rapid increase in number of people moving out from their home locations for their professional or academic pursuits, finding the right doctor has also become a challenge. ArittraCares addresses these needs of the health seeker community by enabling them to create their online medical profile, upload old reports/prescriptions, view saved prescriptions/reports, search for doctors, take appointments and consult doctors.

Doctors today are concerned about reaching out to more patients and providing top-class medical care to all their patients. ArittraCares provides doctors with a tool which enables them to do all this and much more. With ArittraCares doctors can connect with their patients and view their organized medical history without the hassle of going through reams of paper-based reports/prescriptions (thus reducing the time required per patient), it also enables them to write prescriptions and prescribe diagnostic tests.