Ariuunaa Nasan-Ochir

Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

I am a hipster from Mongolia who undoubtedly falls into Generation X . I like to explore new trends and tendencies in fashion, music and modern arts as well. I do live my own "anti-stereotype" life that is inspired by many forms of beautiful creatures such as post impressionist paintings, architecture, french cottage home design , coastal places, 90's music , fashion and kids too. Those creatures make me "high" when I feel saddened , "relaxed like I am in spa" after busy work days and "smile" when I am in "nothing to do" mood laying in my couch. I have seen how it was like living in a socialist utopian country which I actually had enjoyed and how whole generation's belief and value were collapsed and how their mind had been transformed to the current "capitalism" or "consumerism". I am always in a "just in case" statement while not making my life too pressured and knowing a balance between my work and personal life.

  • Work
    • Freelancer
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    • Undergraduate