Arivia Elwanda


Hi, I'm Arivia Elwanda

Muslim and belong to Allah swt, Muhammad saw my forever leader. Live in a beautifull country named Indonesia with one big familly with my beloved parents, Mom and Dad. also have two brothers, love them as much as I can. Was born in Pekanbaru, Riau at 28 august 1999.

Addict to Japan but still love Indonesia, if you love anime and manga then we're the same species. Great at playing online games and offline games. Love to take photography and digital editing, I usually use Photoshop CS6. Also love to backpacking all around the world. Visca El Barca forever! thanks God I'm not Madridista!. Always support JKT48, Jenson Button, Valentino Rossi, and Leonel Messi! Hipster? no I'm pretend to be normal because hipster is too mainstream. Love potato and unicorn and Nyan Cat!. Fat girl with big dream and some experiences.

Success wannabe, Cerdas dan Berakhlak Mulia!.

Optimis 40,00 di UNSMP2014, aamiin!

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