Arivus Group

Arivus, LLC, located in the metropolis of New York City, is a financial services firm that provides customized investment opportunities to its investors. Arivus’ ability to adapt investment opportunities to meet each client’s needs and objectives has set the company apart. Recently, Arivus turned its attention to the energy deregulation industry. Arivus endeavors to restore competition to the electricity supply market, moving it closer to a free market. Arivus’ deregulation efforts aim to move the industry away from a monopoly, where one company provides all functions of electrical service, from its production and conduction to all service operations and customer support. Arivus’ objective is to reinstate choice for consumers through a reverse auction with over 33 retail energy providers, subsequently lowering prices through competition. Fortunately, this shift back toward a free market model will only affect the supply side of operations, meaning that there will be no disruption to consumers’ electricity services and no change in the quality or quantity of electricity received. Arivus stands at the forefront of this effort that could revolutionize the energy industry and empower consumers through choice. Arivus, LLC, is led by founder and CEO Kori L. Koepke, an entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience in financial services, sales, and business development. Mr. Koepke’s previous experience as the head of a consulting firm, in addition to his work at many other reputable companies, has proven instrumental to Arivus’ success since the company’s 2007 launch.