Ariza Talent

At the Ariza Talent & Modeling Agency, located in Longwood, Florida, talented individuals of all looks, ages, weights, heights, and backgrounds are invited to become part of the organization's casting calls. Since Ariza Talent was begun in 1986, it has placed several models in feature films, episodic and commercial TV, and in print advertisements. Based around the Orlando, Florida community, this company has a reputation of being one of the most promising multi-cultural talent agencies in Central Florida.

Ariza Talent & Modeling Agency believes that each of its models and actors must embody specific features: confidence, stamina, independence, ambition, intelligence, organization, and willpower. Some of the benefits of Ariza Talent representation include a full-fledged commitment to helping able models and actors gain success in the industry. While the company differs from other agencies that promise their clients fame and money, the fact remains that there are no guarantees in the modeling and acting business. As a result, the company's dedication to finding quality work for talented individuals is unmatched. The Ariza Talent & Modeling Agency is known as an ethical agency in its field, and one that has made a grand impact on Central Florida productions. The company has worked with multiple high-profile clients, and has provided talent for movies such as True Lies and My Girl.

Jeff Callender, owner of Ariza Talent, first got his start in modeling in 1971 while working in such locales as Paris, London, Milan, and Istanbul. Prior to establishing the talent agency, he worked as an agent in New York City.