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Arizona Desert Bloom Landscape Roc # 276752

Patrick Rodriguez is the owner of Arizona Desert Bloom Landscape. In this position, he looks after/coordinates/manages and leads a highly skilled team providing all aspects of Landscape including Design, irrigation and maintenance .

A big advocate in Licensed Contracting, he supports the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and follows all parameters set by there standards.

Patrick is no stranger to Landscape, having spent his whole life as a Native Tucsonan also a Graduate of Amphitheater High School class of 1981

Prior to Arizona Desert Bloom Landscape Patrick spent 20 years as a corrections officer for the state of Arizona department of Corrections and eventually obtaining the position of a Sergant at the Arizona Correctional Officer Training Academy

Passionate about Arizona Desert Bloom Landscape and its possibilities, Patrick provides unmatched services delivering top quality service for your Landscape needs he is not satisfied with our work until you are

Please feel free to inquire via email @ or by phone @ (520) 909-2472