Ariz Saleem

Brockton District, Massachusetts

Ariz Saleem, or Ariz Nasar Saleem, is a part time substitute teacher as well as a spoken word artist and a musician. Exploring poetry for many years, Ariz Saleem has done wonders with his technique.

Ariz Nasar Saleem is currently working on an album of ten songs. Preffering the medium of rap to exemplify his lyrics, Ariz Saleem's music will generally be in the rap or hip hop genre.

Driven by an interest in education, Ariz Saleem is pursuing different degrees in higher education and teaching. Currently Ariz is working on a new degree in addition to his artistic endeavors in Brockton MA.

  • Work
    • Poet, Lyricist
  • Education
    • Univeristy of Amherst Massachusetts