Arjun Mishra


An avid International affairs follower
Engineer by education, developer by profession!
I follow the Mantra," A Movie a day, keeps doctor away"
Love exploring new places!
Family classifies me as an "Anti-Social", however, it ain't true....
Its just that just I have no tolerance for drama and fake people!
My Zodiac Symbol and my Name have a lot in common!
Archer being the symbol of the Sagittarius and Arjun, the main hero of the Sanskrit epic Mahabharta, was the finest Archer!
As I'm a Sagi, you can say that, I'm at the peak of mental productivity when alone....
A total Music freak, love downloading songs more than listening to them....never ending bug for collections :P
Sometimes find myself caged in some silly self imposed restrictions!

  • Work
    • Sailfish Developer
  • Education
    • Software Engineer