Arjun Nambiar

Software Engineer in Bengaluru, India

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I'm just another kid who wanted to become someone like Superman but ended up as a Software engineer !

I thought I'll change the world but I didn't :-D

I thought I'll hate my work but I love it !

My best friends are a bunch of rascals who will stand beside me without any reason. Maybe that's what I earned till now !! I believe in the presence of a supreme being, I am agnostic.My parents made me feel that one rupee was 100 paise.I am a rider by heart and I live for quarter mile adrenaline rush. I prefer to ride my bike at night instead of going for a rave party ! I Love Driving. It makes me feel alive. It's like flying. You're free of the gravity of what people think !

And yeah I'm scared of Blood ;)

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    • Software Engineer
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    • Bachelor of Engineering