Arjun Inc

Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Omega Building, First Floor, Bengal Intelligent Park, Salt Lake, Electronics Complex, Kolkata-700091

Arjun Inc-Brain Child of Mr. Arjun Kr. Jaiswal
Mr. Arjun Kr. Jaiswal had vision to venture in fields which were new to him. He always wanted to explore new ideas in modern business and had the perspective to carry those ideas forward for incorporating innovation in chosen fields. To accomplish this, he started with a small construction firm and labored enormously for the betterment of the company. His ceaseless determination and immense hard work paid off which is well evident through the rate of success his company has achieved.
Today, Arjun Inc is the union five child companies which are running successful business across the country. The business which was started with a decent capital has today spread its wings and is soaring high. He used to say, “There are no shortcuts to success”, keeping this rhetoric in mind, Arjun Inc continues to grow further. It could be well stated that the successful business entity, “Arjun Inc of Industries” is the tree whose seeds were sowed by him years ago and the success is well evident.
Arjun Inc is renowned for its broad array of services and precious experience that it has gained over the years. Through his hard work and dedication he established his business and settled among the top performers in the market. The company is adept at delivering world class services to its various customers and clients. The various industries which together form Arjun Inc include: