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For many the bank job is considered to be the first choice when they wish to choose their career. There are some skill set which an individual should have if they need to be a banker. Those who are good in figures may have more chances of getting into the banking sector. The bank job has benefits that the candidate gets to learn to new thing about the figures on a daily basis. The bank jobs provide mare safer life to the candidates due to which they are seeking for bank jobs.

It is seen that the recruitment in banking sector happens more and more as they are of in our country are getting increased. The banking facility was established for helping the common people to save their money, to take loans for their needs and so on. There are both kinds of sector in our nation which is and private bank. The bank which comes under the private sector are ICICI, HDFC, J&K Bank, Axis bank and the bank which comes under the government sector are State Bank of India, Central Bank, Union Bank etc. The staffs and employees working in the banks provide help to all the common people who needs help to understand the banking. Both the bank provides support to their customer. It is very easy to start up with the private bank when comes to the long term it is better to go the public bank.

The candidates have to clear the IBPS examination to get into the banking sector. There are limit, educational qualification and recruitment process which takes a major role when comes to the process of selecting the candidates. All the criteria's are fixed for every different . The bank recruits candidates for all the different post according to their qualification. The age limit criteria of the candidates are to be year. There is also an opportunity for the students who have completed 12th standard. The basic knowledge the candidate should have is to about the computer knowledge for the level who wants to works for level. officer is for the candidates who have completed the graduate they can easily apply for this post and later on get promoted to the higher rank. The candidate to work hard to clear the examination for the bank examination. They have to practice more on general knowledge, Arithmetic and Numeric tests, reasoning and the English knowledge. The numerous number of individuals apply for the bank exam but only candidates are clearing the examination conducted by the recruiters. The interested candidate can apply for the examination and make the life safe and better.