Arjun Sriram

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

I'm a kinda person who likes to enjoy life all through it as it goes,till now I dint find anything as hard to go on.

I like being myself instead of changing fa others*.

Like N love to know about every field,from old philosophy to new Tech. Atheist. Astrophysicist wanna be. Budding Cosmologist.

Big time prankster. A MJ and Em fan.

Most importantly I love to Sketch,Swim, Exercise, Read Books and Game(PC).If you find me spending time time without doing any of these, its either the person am with is special to me or am learning something new :3

LOVE ?! Fuck it!. Chocolates ?! Hell Yeh! ♥ In chocolate I believe ♥

*-conditions never apply .


  • Work
    • Bhumi
  • Education
    • mgcv
    • Sri Krishna College Of Technology
    • VLB Janakiammal College of Engineering and Technology