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Twentynine Palms

Wonder Wellness

Twentynine Palms

Aloha family!

Arjuna and Cassandra here. A rather happenin’ couple from the high desert. We are currently beginning the hectic, overwhelming and awesomely fun task of starting a business and a life together! Here’s our story, the short and sweet version.

At ages 26 and 27 two strangers meet at a yoga ashram, one aspiring monk and one free-lovin’-gypsy-goddess from two complely different worlds. Cliche as it sounds, as soon as our hands connected I think we both knew there was something very special between us. Call it what you want, but about two days later we decided to start an adventure together.

Driving down the Cali Coast, destination undetermined, fueled by farmers markets and our love :) we camped on the beach and began to plan our future. Only goddess knows how, we end up in the middle of nowhere, Wonder Valley, on family property. One thing leads to another and we’re living a trailer our neighbor gave us, building a roof and planting our first pomegranate tree. Whoa!

While we may not have it all figured out, not that we would want to anyway (that would hardly be any fun), we do know that we share a profound passion for creating wearable art (among many other things, but that’s for another day another blog). Thus, ArjunaCassCreations is born!!

We take gorgeous, healing crystals and stones and let the divine flow guide us, wrapping with copper, silver, brass and love to create totally unique pendants. We have a deep respect for the knowledge and energy crystals have to share with us and we want to share that with you!

Each creation is bathed with positive intentions then charged with mantras during the new or full moon.

We also crochet scarves, blend all-natural, edible beauty products, prepare delectably healthy raw vegan snacks, instruct yoga and practice holistic personal training, aromatherapy, sound healing and plan to heal the world by uniting the tribe <3

Love and Gratitude!

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