shafiq arjuna

Johor Bahru

Assalamualaikum wbt. I'm Putera Shafiq Arjuna bin Nasharuddin. Born on 27th January 1992. I'm just a man who always searching Hidayah from Allah S.W.T . I still try my best to become a good Muslim , so pray for me. I love to sharing about Islam. I totally love books , travelled and hiking. You can make touch with me through on my social link below. Fiiamanillah. Wasalamualaikum wbt. " Allah s.w.t is the best planner. sometimes He take what we love to give what we need. Trust Allah. Allah s.w.t know the best for us. And always selawat to our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. InshaAllah our life will filled with His Barakah. "

  • Education
    • Bachelor (Hons) in Design
    • Malaysia