Arjun Hemrajani

CTO and Full Stack Developer in Navi Mumbai, India

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Bridging the gap between the business and technology is very important. Leveraging technology to save business resources is essential.

I was talking to a CEO of a big research company and 5 mins into the talk I knew she could save time and a lot! of money but just doing simple things. Every time she wanted to check all the articles that were in the pipeline to be posted she spent hours clicking each test link and reading the article. Having an algorithm read the articles and reject the ones which have grammar errors and spelling mistakes could have reduced the amount of articles she gotta go through. Why stop there in this age of machine learning we can do much more. Having dashboard and analytics in place to see how many articles each employee is posting in the pipeline, checking the quality and endless other data points. This was just one part of that and there were many places where I saw processes could be automated and made more efficient. After we finished she was thunderstruck by all the revelations we just made in an hours session. One more thing never outsource your work it never works just get a tech co-founder or a really experienced tech guy and by experienced I mean not years but passion, I know people with 5+ years of experience more than me and can't just think like me. I don't have a degree, I dropped out of B.Tech Computer Science in the third year but I have been coding all my life. Wrote my first code in the 7th grade. Find someone like that.

For the techies:
Imagine getting up one day and seeing a million API requests hit your services you always wanna be prepared that's where I come in! Containerisation of services is important and having multiple cloud providers is essential. Why have a devops guy when he will be slower than a machine. A machine can fire nodes, make clusters, deploy containers in just a few seconds. To be the next Google automate as much as you can, a human should only decide yes or no.

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