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There are many words that can be used to describe Arjun Kaul. "Ordinary" isn't one.
Strange, eccentric, eclectic, and different with music that defies genres and ethnicity, Arjun Kaul is a producer, composer, and visionary with a story to tell.

Born 17 April 1980 Pune Maharshtra to an Army Officer's family, Arjun spent his childhood years traveling the world with his father who would be posted to stations as far and wide as Africa and the middle east.

Having enjoyed an upbringing that was truly bohemian to say the least, Arjun was drawn strongly to music and art in which he showed great interest and passion. He also had great interest in learning about the natural world and its teeming ecologies.
Always possessing a tremendous desire to express and perform, Arjun was always in keen participation of acting and theater.

Returning to India in 1990, Arjun enjoyed his return and sank himself into the Epic TV shows and Action films of the time. The same time was one of great turmoil in his native Kashmir, torn apart by terrorism. These events influenced him greatly to keep a perspective that is larger than life. A sentiment that even today is reflected in his image and songs.

Self taught in all instruments, Arjun couldn’t afford a guitar in his early teens and would play pencilbox-rubber band mini guitars to amuse himself. The sound of the guitar was something that truly captivated his mind and so Arjun spent a great many hours listening to music that had a strong guitar presence. His early favorites were Jimi Hendrix, Soundgarden, and the popular metal bands of the time. As he listened to more music he realized that his true love was music that had a strong eastern flavor. His deep love for virtuoso performance music led him to embrace the works of Niccolo Paganini and Steve Vai. These became concert staples for him in the future.

After he got his first real electric guitar in 2001, Arjun made an in depth study of music theory, mastering modes in particular. His guitar teachers were Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Marty Friedman. His love for their music drawn by the exoticness of it. After years of playing in solitude, he decided to start his own band.

PRITHVI was born in August 2004 and began playing in the Noida/New Delhi region. In this process, Arjun realized his prodigious talent as a singer. Having a very unique yet versatile voice and wide vocal range, Arjun guided his band through many

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