Arjun Lalwani

Student, Software Engineer, and leader in Seattle, Washington

Coding from the past six months, I have discovered a new found passion. Currently, I'm learning JAVA and have created programs with real life applications. Passionate about coding, I have been independently learning web development to enhance user experience. My goal is to turn my passion for technology into something that can benefit humankind

I'd describe myself as a person with a positive attitude and the one that willingly goes the extra mile. I love to take up leadership roles, and give my best in every situation I'm placed in. In three words, I am -

' Ambitious, Enterprising, Motivated '

The quote I live by is - "There is no easy way to the top, and those who made it to the top did not make it easy."

  • Work
    • IT Help Desk, Odegaard Library
  • Education
    • University of Washington