Arjun Shah

London, United Kingdom


I'm a 20 year old freelance audio engineer/audio engineering graduate from SAE. (October 2013)

I have been making music since 2004 and loving it since 1993.
I currently create music under the not-so-secret alias of TurtleKid and you can find my showcase of produced and engineered music here on SoundCloud:

I have a passion for fashion and landscape photography.

I primarily work with independent clothing companies creating look-books for their clothes as well as product shots and promotional imagery. This aside, I enjoy conceptual shoots with storylines or implied messages.

My current portfolio rests with 'Trikki Clothing' and 'NTRS London', both London based international clothing lines for whom I have shot the majority of imagery including the ASOS marketplace shots (where both are in the top 20 independent labels).

  • Work
    • Stay Rad
  • Education
    • Bushey Meads School
    • Stanmore College
    • SAE Institute London