ARK 2 Studio

For over 25 years the ARK 2 Studio co-op has been creating world class decorations and event display for music Artists, festivals, live shows, sports events, corporate parties, product reveals, and celebrations of all kinds. The ARK 2 Team is made up of the talents of visual architectural designs and decorations including the use of logos, tags, and campaign theme to bring it all together. We are different from most event companies. We make everything.

Our stuff has been used on national and international tours and events. Our team cares about you, your brand, and your goals!

ARK 2 Studio is like hiring your own designer and ad agency in one. ARK 2 gets the job done the way you want with experience and creative know-how that leaves everyone else behind. We bring our own brand to your brand initiatives, caring about your end look more than you do. ARK 2 we are The Creative Idea Company and We make the FUN stuff happen.