Arkalogic Systems

Arkalogic Systems (ARKALOGiC) is a technology company that specializes in mobile solutions for the financial service industry. ARKALOGiC aims to help financial institutions create persistent, valuable relationships with their customers.

Trusted by the biggest government bank in Indonesia and by leading companies in financial services, our mobile banking, mobile payments and mobile trading solutions are based upon a market-proven platform that was designed to add real value and revenue to their businesses. Our practices provide end results with significant business benefits.

Founded in 2006, ARKALOGiC started with a vision of creating a world of financial mobility through sophisticated and comprehensive application development. We are now a leading provider of mobile solutions and we continue to evolve our products and technology so as to provide the best service for our clients.

Our team of best technology and marketing people has validate our leadership position. While our clients' trust and ongoing relationship over the years have made us the dominant provider in country.