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you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve

the best legal representation you can get. The compassionate

lawyers at Levine Law Group PA

are more than ready to go to bat for you, and to do their utmost to

make sure you win your case. Whether you need a workers compensation

attorney, an automobile accident attorney, a personal injury lawyer,

or help with a related issue, Levine Law Group PA is dedicated to seeing

to it that you


firm, and get the compensation your injuries warrant.Injuries

aren’t just about healing in the short term: they often have wide

ranging consequences that affect your ability to work, and to resume

life as you once knew it in general. The Levine team is committed to

scrupulously documenting evidence so that their clients never end up

settling for less than they’re going to need. They provide service

to North and South Carolina residents, and their attorneys bring

almost 50 years of combined legal experience to each case. Their firm

also handles elder law and nursing home neglect cases, as well as

social security disability claims and appeals and wrongful death

suits. What

sets Levine Law Group PA apart, aside from their exemplary skill? For one

thing, their practice was founded on the principles of compassion and

integrity, not profit. To that end, they handle all cases on a

contingency basis, which means that they don’t get paid until, or

unless, their clients do. Moreover,

Levine clients are never just


they’re individuals with faces, names, and personal struggles that

deserve to be respected. These attorneys understand that injuries

don’t just have repercussions for individuals; they have

repercussions for families and loved ones. When you can’t work,

everyone who depends on you suffers financially, too, which is why compensation and justice go hand-in-hand. Levine Law Group PA offers flexible appointments, and the attorneys will even come meet

with you in your home, if you’re unable to travel due to your


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