Arkar Min Aung

Somewhere on this pale blue dot

He usually looks up the sky on a starry night and thinks "When will this Betelgeuse finally blow up (or has it already blown up and are we just waiting for the light to reach?)". He loves (not likes, LOVES!) Mathematics and would indulge his whole day thinking nothing other than a very simple Mathematical problem. Smiles whenever he sees chiper texts. Richard Feynman is his greastest idol (A curoius folk is what he gets from his beloved Mr. Feynman). Car enthusiast but currently drives a Mazda 2. Dreams of being on race track one day. Gets high whenever he reads a procedure written in Scheme. Contrary to popular trend, he loves sleeping at night and can only function properly when he has a good sleep.

  • Education
    • May differ according to how you define "Education"