Anowar ul Islam

I'm the Project Head in Bonaven Sft (P) Ltd. I engineer Scalable solutions in social media and have experience in Internet architecture. I religiously keep the user experience top class.

Currently I play with Python, MAKO, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Cassandra, SOLR and Android Mobile Platforms. I am a Open Source Supporter and Enthusiast. Prior to this, I worked with NETES Lab, a R&D facility with IIT Guwahati, where I developed educational tools on Computer Networks, got my hands dirty with Robotics and even scribbled some VLSI Design codes. I also worked in TCS, as an intern upon a Defect Mangement Module for easier tracking of bugs for a project the employees work out there.

I'm a product of NIT. And am an Indian. I love playing football, travel new places and have been known to have a jolly attitude with lofty dreams.