Peter Smit

Lecturer Coastal Zone Management, working on resilience within coastal zone areas influenced by climate change but looking for opportunities, not only problems.

Research concerning increasing resilience of local communities involving (social) learning, related to disaster risk reduction.

A perfect day for me is when people, for instance my students, have the aha-experience when exchanging ideas, knowledge, experiences, that by the end of the day I can make some difference, how small! Worked for more than 15 years in the area of risk assessment, perception and communication with an emphasis on soil contamination and a focus on the sensible use of human exposure models. Currently translating my experience with risk in the most broad sense into research towards climate resilient coastal zone areas. I aim at a contribution to the academic debate around resilience but even more to the knowledge transfer within the area of climate change, disaster risk reduction and coastal zones. "Healthy" interest in disasters occurring in the coastal zones areas suspected to be a consequence of an increase of extreme weather events.


◆ Disaster risk reduction,

◆ Climate change adaptation,

◆ Resilient (livelihoods)

◆ Knowledge transfer

◆ Final Thesis coordination - act as intermediary between students and providers of assigments

◆ Risk assessment

◆ Risk communication