Arlecchio Verdiveccino

Sex Masseur in Saint-Barthélemy

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Greetings, I’m Arlecchio. I’m a Sex Masseur & Social Friend based in the Caribbean splitting life between the sea and the countryside making regular trips to the big city. I fix the sex stamina and life of generally attractive women that may have lost either their power or their zest, in sex or in life. Bad relationships, lack of love, and excessive pressure, in being beautiful or succeeding at work tend to bring a sense of low worth in us. There are countless ways in which we lose our thread with sexual energy as well due to all types of stress and pleasure. Sex is an enormous energy which can be tapped on; and the more we expend ourselves in life the more we lose track of it sometimes disapearing completely or the pleasures thereof. Through conversation, practice and energy management we go much beyond what sex and interaction gives as pleasure and recapture ourselves in a way with lots of love. To find more let me know and initiate conversation, freely, non-judgementally.