Arlecchio Verdiveccino

Sex Masseur in Amsterdam

Greetings, I’m Arlecchio. I’m a Masseur, Converser, and Understander dealing with Women, Beauty, and Sexual Energy based in Amsterdam, Paris, St, Barth, and New York. I learned most of the major changes Women are going through. I fix the sex stamina and life of Women who once loved fearlessly which is nearly every woman since childhood. I deal with Beauty issues: having much of it or having lost it. It is not all women who are considered beautiful who have most challenges with anxiety. Women who don't fit the beauty standard also have issues bringing power into their lives. Beauty is not a pre-condition for Womanhood and neither is sensitivity and delicateness. Generally, attractive women lose their power and sometimes their sexual prowess. The World demands muchbfrom them and the pursuitbof Beauty as it is seen in media is destroying Women. Bad relationships and low sense of worth twisting Women's brains. There are countless ways in which we lose power and our thread. Sex is an enormous energy which can bring us back to to ourselvws. Beauty is to be redefined. And Peace is where Womanhood thrives the most. Not in pressure, anxiety, and only external expression. Write a line to dialogue. Non-judgementally