Arlen Shahverdyan

Yerevan, Armenia

Welcome to "Arlen Shahverdyan: Author's Blog" which was created by the Author in April, 2011. Here You can find Armenian Writer/Poet, Artist (Painter), Blogger and a very creative Person Arlen Shahverdyan's Books, Poems, Paintings, Photos, Thoughts, Posts, Articles, etc.:

As a Writer the Author's preferred literary topics are Love, Human, Woman's Beauty, Nature. The main content of this Blog is Creative as well as Environmental (Ecological) but it also consists of much other interesting information for all the Readers.
The main aims of this Blog are to represent the Author's literary works as well as to inseminate Love and Care to the Nature. As a very Nature lover Person the Author cares much about the Environment and always writes about the importance of saving the Nature of the Planet Earth.

Translations of this Blog are made by the Author.
The Blog Official Title is "Arlen Shahverdyan, Author's Blog".
The Blog Tagline is "A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway".
"" Blog Official Copyrighted Logo is "The Rock and the Ocean"(The source of the Photo:
The Blog has many Readers in Armenia as well as in Armenian Diaspora and many Foreign Readers in Abroad.
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