The first time I ever laid my hands on pen and paper, I thought of becoming a writer someday. I was a dreamer – a helpless one. I guess it’s always like that, when one is young, you gaze at the world with childlike wonder, as if you could take it at a mere scoop of the hand. The world was bright, shining with a star-like quality that easily dazzles the eye. I found out later that it was like an icing on a cake, beautiful to look at but you’ll never really know what is inside unless you take a bite…

It comes when one feels quite nostalgic about things, it comes when you think that you just had to stop living in the present (or is it mere existing?) And go back instead…go back to childhood dreams? Maybe! After all, the past still holds some kind of magic, ‘though it’s nothing more now than an obscured vision.

Really, if I have to hold my pen again, I wouldn’t think of writing about love, not anymore. those lofty ideals must somehow be replaced by ongoing reality. The dreamer must somehow face the truth that not all dreams come true. And the writer? I guess, I have to try again, there is still that in-depth feeling to be recognized, anyhow, in any way. And if I have to choose my subject, I’ll write about you instead.

Blogging is my passion, reading is a long-time hobby, photography is a new-found love and obsession, and gardening is a lifetime commitment. And blogging is more like keeping a journal and I had several notebooks of writings and doodles that I kept all through these years.

Haven’t we, at some time in our lives guarded those secret diaries where we poured our hearts out – our pains, heartaches, triumphs, fears and everything in between? But because of technology, we had this new-found-freedom of sharing publicly through blogs. I find it easier now to keep up with my writings online. Talk about trying all the popular sites for keeping one updated and keeping friends and relatives and whoever is interested to take a glimpse of the person you are.

I am a proud Mom to my two kids Nissa and Josef. Our family is growing though, I am now a proud grandma to a cute little boy named Nate. I used to blog about anything under the sun but now he gets the share of my thoughts and ramblings.

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