Arlene Bell

When you are young you start out being who your parents teach you to be, for me I was a dancer, singer and all around tomboy. In my teenage years, it was all about athletics and cheerleading. I attended Kennedy King JC and majored in Physical Education and Recreation. I received an AA degree. Chicago State University was my next goal. I received a BA degree. I have one son Marlon Logan, who is brilliant, talented, good looking and the best son around. I am a sister, aunt, cousin, neice, best friend but mostly a child of God.

Spiritually.....I was ordianed by my church pastor, Paul A Southerland...I became a teacher, singer, praise leader. Working in the same ministry for many years. This is the place I believe God placed me to work and will be the one to remove me. I still find time to be a life coach, counselor and lifetime student. I feel that it is necessary to learn, learn learn experience, experience experience life to the fullest. Look for me at a university near you.......

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