Arlene Sobredilla

Online Assistant in the Philippines

Since 1999, I have built a solid foundation working in the office and have gained 18+ years of experience in different office positions. I have been working as a Company Secretary in a three star automotive industry for a year. In August 2000, I resigned and worked to a five star KIA Motors dealership as a Service Secretary and at the same time a Warranty Analyst for six years. Fortunately, in September 2006, I was hired as a Dealer Cashier in Chevrolet automotive dealership for almost three years and was upheld to Document Controller and Finance Coordinator in May 2009. Two months after, our HR Department had a re-shuffle of staff and it so happened that the one assigned in our dealership was not able to comply. I was temporarily assigned and took over as the acting HR and Admin and simultaneously Document Controller and Finance Coordinator who handled multi task for more than two years. In 2011 up to this present, I am concentrating my career as a Vehicle Finance Coordinator to raise bank credit approval rate and support the Sales Department in hitting their monthly sales target.
My skills in being a Vehicle Finance Coordinator focused on building close relationship with different bank representative for the benefit of increasing our customer’s credit approval and easy collection of proceeds.
I am highly motivated, creative, versatile, and able to do administrative tasks. I’m dedicated outgoing and a team player. I have been successful at raising a family, and I attribute this success to my ability to plan, schedule, and handle different tasks at once.I am looking for a part time online job and eventually make it long-term and stable job where I can help my client in building their business.

Highlights of my work experience:

* Creates and Manages Facebook group with more than 40 sales team members.
Post any updates, answer queries, and review members' posts.

* Contacts any bank branch representative anywhere in the Philippines via email
or phone to refer customers' Auto Loan credit applications that the sales team
has submitted.

* Send out weekly email campaign for any updates of customer’s auto loan credit
application to sales team members using my MailChimp account.

* Prepares daily monitoring of credit applications status in Excel format with
graphical presentations for submission to the General Sales Manager.

You can get in touch with me via my email address or

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