Arlene Tur

Los Angeles, California u.s.A.

Cuban American actress, Tur has starred in the 2008 TV series Crash, the commercial success Eat Pray Love alongside Julia Roberts and appeared in a recurring role as Vera Juarez on BBC's Torchwood: Miracle Day

Currently Tur is producing and developing 2 reality TV shows including Homeless Improvement with Gillon Media and producing her first feature film We All Want the Same Thing, an immigration story that showcases the Miami she was born and raised in.

Her biggest passion is humanitarian work and going on mission trips to help the less forutnate, a lover of travel and exploration.

Recently Tur exhibited and auctioned her photography for a charity event on Wynwood District's gallery night, The St. Jude's Gala, and is currently on exhibit at The Pepe Calderin Gallery and The Club Collection at the Miami International Airport with the Embler Beitler Gallery.

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