Arles Karnadi

Jakarta, Indonesia

just read my blog and give your coment, after that you know all about me, coz whatever i have ever written on my blog, 80% is real.

"success never come easy, that's why if you get chance on it, just make it happen, coz second chance is not easy just like first chance"

"if you wanna be the best you gotta take out the best"

"never forget three types of people in your life, who helped you in diffucult time, who left you in diffucult time, who pit you in difficult time "

"standing alone doesn"t mean i'm alone, it mean's i'm stronge enough to handle things all by my self "

"never lose hope you never know what tomorrow may brings"

"TRUST!!!! take a years to build, just seconds to break, and forever to repair."

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