Arlette Velasco

Student in Colima, México

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Hi!, what´s up?

My name is Arlette. I´m from Mexico. I´m sixteen years old and I study in University of Colima.

I live in Cuauhtemoc with my mom and my sister. My favorite color is purple and, I have a dog!, his name is Bruno. I like sleep all the day (if is possible) and watch my series like Riverdale or American Horror Story.

I don´t like the soda and chinese food because his flavor is disgusting for me.

Each saturday I go to my oratory class since two years ago, Also I go out with my friends everyweekend (I love this). But everydays I play with my dog and I surf in Internet to late.

This is a bit of my life but I will be sharing you more information about me later. See you soon guys!

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    • Universidad de Colima