Arlin Jordin Washington

Designer, Art Director, and Project Manager in Spokane, LA, USA

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Arlin Jordin Washington is a young shoe designer in his early 20's. At the age of 18 a couple of years ago he was drawn to fashion design but was unable to afford college. Thats when Arlin Jordin Washington started to tirelessly watch Youtube videos on shoe design, how Michael Jordan and Kayne West got to be so big with their shoe brands. Footwear seemed like a natural fit as everybody wears shoes or something on their feet all across the world. Young Arlin Jordin Washington grew up in a poor part of town in the Concordia Parish of Louisiana in the town of Spokane. He has aspirations to become a top energetic shoe designer in the next 10 years and is releasing a limited drop of only 100 shoes in Quarter 4 of 2022. The idea behind the shoes for Arlin Jordin Washington is to create a design so futuristic that he can start to make a name for himself. When asked what other shoe designs are comparable he said you could look at Balenciaga designs and see some similarities in the ostentatious design. With money he raises from his first drop of his shoe line he hopes to move to New York and grow it into a business.