Arlinda Vula

Arlinda has been participating on youth development programs and iniciatives since forever in communicating and hence connecting with the outter world. Experiencing new cultures has always proved something beyond her reach because of the status of her country, but nevertheless her will and desire to achieve the multicultural and general knowledge of the happenings abroad has never perished. During High School there have been several NGO's, like Rotary Club (trainings), YMCA (Camps), Gjakova Youth Centre (seminaries and trainings), that Arlinda has attended to, always trying to keep in touch with the peers around the world. She has also attended to a Summer University Camp of the University of Tirana for a trip to Saranda where she participated on the right of stuendents. The One World Youth Project will be another big step for Arlinda in accomplishing her life-long dream of providing her natural gift in order to connect to her peers and further, and offering the community the possibility to make a change, to do something better, to be someone bigger, to create a bridge for the youth in Kosovo.