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Basically, I am a performing songwriter after being a husband and a father to a 5 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. Oh yeah... I am also a warrior in the fight against Parkinson's disease. The Healing Project is my effort to heal from this thing, and maybe help others heal along the way through music.

I recorded my first CD 'Fountain of Dreams' in 1998 as a pipedream and just when I was supposed to give it up and keep my day job, I did just the opposite and released my second CD 'The Watch Man' in 2001 and left that day job a couple of years later. Crazy? Well, my feeling was that when you find something that you absolutely love to do, and feel that it is the summation of all that you are, DO IT!

That decision became that much bigger when I was diagnosed with Parkinson's dis-ease (yes, dis-ease) a few years ago. So.. I quietly launched a ground offensive against "it" while laying down the tracks for my fourth CD entitled "World of Possibility". The title track is the song I wrote about my battle (or anyone's?). No solemn dirges here! ..Oh, an interesting side note - the rejection in the music business couldn't have prepared me better for the rejection from doctor's about recovering from this thing. Heck, without rejection we would still be using stone knives and bearskins..

SO, The Healing Project arose when I realized that I could be of more service to my fans, audiences, and myself by coming 'out' with this. In this way I do a better stress-free show, and maybe my music will touch a few more folks with their own challenges. A real healing situation for all! It is still me in here, and in some ways a better me; especially with John Sonntag on guitar, Gordon Roehrer on bass, and RT Miller on percussion. Together we make a great group that makes you wonder why I didn't do this a lot earlier! My guitar skills are not what they once were, but hey, when the healing project is complete, I expect to be back to my old ahem.. younger self!

Thank you for stopping in. As a token of my appreciation, go and have a listen or freely download 'World of Possibility'. Afterall, we live in one.

Arlon Bennett

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