Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry

Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry10320 Mallard Creek Rd Suite 150Charlotte, NC 28262, United States704-377-3687dhelton@cltpediatricdentistry.comhttp://www.cltpediatricdentistry.comWhen you’re looking for a dentist, wouldn’t itbe great if you could find a practice that was specifically geared towardschildren’s oral health care? Many dentists don’t know how to address your child’sneeds, but at CharlottePediatric Dentistry, their highly-skilled pediatric dentistswill change the way your family feels about dental care.The dentists and support staff at CharlottePediatric Dentistry specialize in providing oral health care to infants,children, adolescents, and special needs patients. Charlotte PediatricDentistry is unique because they offer a wide range of superior-quality dentalservices in a compassionate, friendly environment that actively engages kids. Theytailor their practice to accommodate parental-input and strive to help kidsdevelop a positive association with dental care as early as possible. When oneof their dentists or staff members explains an aspect of dental care to yourchild, you can count on them to use age-appropriate, easy to understandlanguage that will put your child at ease. At Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, theirstaff considers your child’s comfort a top priority, because they genuinelylove kids.When you and your child come in for his firstappointment, the dental team will invite you into the exam room with yourchild. Not only will they answer all of your questions, but they’ll also speakopenly with you about your child’s dental care to develop a treatment plan thatfits his needs and your budget. After the first visit, the staff will encourageyou to allow your child to come into the exam room alone, so that they canbuild a relationship of trust with him. At Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, everyaspect of your child’s care is carefully designed to optimize your child’scomfort and health, including even the fine details, like brightly paintedexamination rooms and kid-approved games and bean bag chairs.At Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry,you’ll find a team of dental care experts who truly care about your child’soral health and developing life-long, healthy habits. To better serve theyoungest residents of the Charlotte area, Charlotte Pediatric Dentistryprovides services at three convenient locations in Midtown, Davidson, andUniversity. To learn more or schedule an appointment at any one of theiroffices, call (704) 377-3687 today.