Arly Mèmè

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

Er... my name is Arly Meme, you can call me Bucky though. I'm 15 years old, pretty young I know, but age is only a number. Well, unless you're in prison because of it but hey, I'm not! I was born on December 28 in the oh-so beautiful (and loving) Paris, France. I now currently reside in the beautiful by nature, Turks & Caicos Islands. I am attending Maranatha Academy, where I am at my senior year in the school. I will be graduating in mid-2016.

I have many likes and dislikes... I like music in general, I also like food but I am astonishingly still in a slim body (hooray for karma). In my spare time, I'd either recap on Real Time with Bill Maher or maybe Conan. I also seldomly watch CNN, mostly to see what's going on in the world every now and then. I also like having smart friends, not that there's anything wrong with having those who are... (let's not use the word 'dumb') cerebrally challenged. Yes, that's the term.

In terms of my dislikes.. well.... I think my dislikes in general are people who tend to want to waste my time and I geniunely don't have a lot of that either (don't we all?).

Well, things I do for fun are just.. being me.. you know? Just recently I started up a Wordpress blog of my own and well, since I suck (currently) at making/designing blogs (but I thank Wordpress with their friendly user-interface, we're coming along) it'll take a while before it can get a huge audience. I also love producing music, similar to Avicii's and many other artists but that's only something I'd do when I really do not have anything to do. I love playing video games as well, mostly on the PlayStation Network on my PlayStation 3 gaming console. I prefer playing FPS (First-Person Shooter) and maybe just about any free world (GTA, Saints Row, etc) video game.

I love meeting new people, even though at first I will be a little shy and well, hesitant to speak. I'm an active person on Facebook and Twitter (daily routines really haha) so you can pretty much find me on there at any time of the day (or night).

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