Arlyn Lawrence

Gig Harbor, WA

I find so much about life to love and enjoy! I love to go and do, travel and experience, create and nurture, encourage and pray, laugh and learn...

I believe you really can "have it all." In spite of my shortcomings and failings, in His grace and utmost patience, God has blessed me with a life that I love. Jesus in my heart. Satisfying work. An amazing husband who has patiently put up with me, encouraged and supported me, and made me laugh for nearly 30 years. Five beautiful, amazing children (and two wonderful kids-in-law) who are all well on their way to making a significant impact in their world. And a beautiful baby granddaughter--does it get any better?

I'm passionate about lots of things and interested in even more. So, when I've thought about what I'd like to blog about, I've never been able to land on just one thing.

"Life to the full," is what Jesus said He came to bring. That's my goal. And since it was God's idea to begin with, I think it's a fine personal mission statement. :-)