Arlys Cuadrado Sierra

Student and Writer in Bogotá, Colombia

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I am a student and writer of my own life, who currently lives in Bogotá, Colombia. My interests go from the musical art to knowing every place in the city where I currently am. I'm also interested in shopping, dogs and dancing. I currently live with my brother Arley Cuadrado, The great part of my family lives in Cartagena because we are from Cartagena with great honor. I am the daughter of ROSIRIS SIERRA VANEGAS and Mr. DAGOBERTO CUADRADO VARGAS. I came to Bogota for the construction company where I work (CMC CONSTRUCCIONES E.U). We moved to Bogota because of the great demand for work offered by the city. My role in the Company is to settle payroll and manage the Virtual banking of the company to liquidate its suppliers and its workers. I have much more information to make known in relation to my life. If you like! and you want me to help you in something. Here below I leave my Cel number. so you can contact me # 318-6198330 You can click on the button above to listen to my music. If you wish to get in touch, do not hesitate to greet through any of the social links below.