Armaghan R Khattak

An experienced motivated professional having strong management, research and administrative abilities. I have an excellent command over written and spoken English with very good communication, planning and leadership skills. Long years of exposure in dealing with foreign and local commercial banks, management and most importantly IT companies has infused in me good technical know- how, financial discipline, with outstanding research, negotiation and analytical skills. It will not be out of place to mention here, that all my jobs were working towards the strategic and organizational repositioning of the organization with the key object of increasing volume of business and making the organization more resilient and dynamic. This required my extensive involvement in strategic planning, business development and financial management, requiring me to be an exceptional process driven professional, with an inquisitive mind and a keen sense of observation, having hands-on experience of recognized methodologies and beyond in corporate business, enabling me to develop, present and deliver complex proposals. Being always eager to learn, years of exposure to the harsh realities for survival, after Starting my first job at the age of 18, has imbedded in me the capability to deal with circumstances, people & organizations, negotiate with them, explaining facts and figures and reach a settlement to the best advantage of a cause, thus fulfilling the requirements of a highly motivated, innovative, result oriented person i.e. a team player with vast experience. Please contact me on [email protected] for any IT or Financial Consulting!