Arman Sadri


Arman Sadri born (February 1995) and raised in Seattle, Washington spent most of his teenage life hacking and researching secuirty vulnerabilities. Arman's Gift and what he used to call a Curse because of his past actions which lead to close attention by Law Enforment and his School District, has now opened Arman's eyes. Arman is now fighting for the good guys and not for himself. Grey hat gone White. Discovered by the age of 14 by a local security firm it was quick to realised Arman had a talent in security. Currently Arman is working for Caliber Secuirty Partners as a Security Penetration Tester fighting against bugs and secuirty exploits, making sure they get patched to help provide a safer tomorrow on the World Wide Internet

  • Work
    • Caliber Secuirty Partners
  • Education
    • Interlake High School