arman motamedi


i never took life serious...i used to live in my own world as a kid...but life drags you,even if you dont care,and puts you in a state that you have to decide...and i had i did decide after failing to be a regular person in society...i realized i cant be a regular person with permanent income from the boss...i realized i dont want to be a civil engineer i am told to be...i realized that i have to persue that which i long i changed from what others expect me to be to what they cannot stand...i became me...i became the me who lives behind my senses,my eyes,my ears,my skin,my nose,my tongue...nothing could make me happier but doing the extend that the moment i cannot grasp the pseudo reality and lose myself,i feel a burden on me from outside world,which challenges my mind,which makes me wonder how far we have gone,how pseudo we have become...i meditate out of it and im back to my senses