armand claustro

I'm a gadget loving, social networking, toy and kitsch collecting freak. I have too many things and too little space. A modern day pack rat but definitely not a hoarder. I work in an office as an honest to goodness "Code Monkey". My entire shift consists of me looking at a bunch of number on computer monitor. My only relief is when my friends decide to pick me up during their breaks. I am often found in coffee shops listening to my unique taste of music or talking with friends. I almost always carry 2 devices a music player and a smart phone. Both contain samples of rock, alternative, guitar, folk and the occassional hip hop, R&B; and pop music. I hope to be an amateur photographer someday but I need to find the perfect camera that's easy to carry around along with my other devices. I like to doodle my thoughts on a notebook or piece of paper, Analog still rules. I play video games on my spare time and spend most weekends glued to my PC watching YouTube. I have yet to share my voice to the mix, but I think I'm the YouTube equivalent of a couch potato. I enjoy observing the obscure things in life, and analyzing why they are so. And I definitely enjoy long talks with friends about anything as long as it tickles my mind's eclectic sense of humor. This is me... Live with it.